June, 2019

IGA VAE Music Machine

A web-app that let's users explore the latent space of the Magenta musicVAE model with an Interactive Genetic Algorithm.

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December, 2018

Relational Networks Pytorch

A clean, readable and reusable implementation of Relational Networks as proposed by Santoro et. al. in PyTorch.

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November, 2017

#gottago app

A React Native Prototype for a map based events app in Seoul, Korea. Developed as part of a class project in collaboration with Naver.

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August, 2017

Moral Car

A django platform that surveys users about their preference for complex accident scenarios and creates a model of their preference behavior according to different novel techniques (including genetic…

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April, 2017


An sklearn compatible python package that implements and explores improvements for a new efficient algorithm to estimate nearly ideal seeding values for KMeans using Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods.

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August, 2016

Wagtail Visual Diff

A django-wagtail plugin to create diffs when CMS pages are revised and send a summary of field changes and visual changes to Slack.

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