I am
curious. efficient. reliable.

I am a Machine Learning Engineer, excited to explore the applications of Artificial Intelligence to Music as well as Social Development.

Minerva Schools Inaugural Class Student

A bold new global university, teaching 21st century skills in tech-driven seminar classrooms. Member of the first graduating class with a <2% acceptance rate, graduating 2019.

Data Science and Statistics

I recently worked on problems ranging from music generation with Genetic Programming, topic modeling in search and NLP, computer vision as well as modern causal inference work.

Full Stack Software Engineering

I have four years of experience building web tools, mobile apps and algorithms for various use cases. I particularly enjoy prototyping new and bold ideas and creating data driven applications.

Recent Projects

#gottago App with Naver

In cooperation with a design team at the Internet giant Naver in Korea, we developed a concept and prototype for a new mobile service targeted at foreign visitors in Korea. The prototype is a React Native mobile app including an interactive map.

AFKMC2 PyPi Package

An sklearn compatible python package that implements and explores improvements for a new efficient algorithm to estimate nearly ideal seeding values for KMeans using Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods.

CO2 Prediction Report

I predict the weekly CO2 concentration in the atmosphere at Mauna Loa observatory in Hawaii using historical time series data to fit a Bayesian model with longterm and seasonal component.

DVC Resale Market


DVC Resale Market

An Android app with a Node backend that allows users to search available listings that match their arbitrarily complex preferences and to subscribe to notifications for any new available listing that they'd be interested in. 1000+ active users.

Minerva Schools


Minerva Schools at KGI Website

I contributed to the website redesign, building new interactive and dynamic blocks for the CMS.

Additionally I developed a web tool to monitor website performance globally and alert slack of any changes in load time in any target region and an open-sourced plugin to the CMS that keeps track of visual changes in the front end after content updates.

Moral Car Experiment

A django platform that surveys users about their preference for complex accident scenarios and creates a model of their preference behavior according to different novel techniques (including genetic programming and probabilistic methods). An active ML algorithm only asks the most informative questions tailored to each specific user. Part of a larger research project into modeling decision processes surrounding dilemma situations.


Eric Bonabeau
CEO, Icosystem Corp

Adrian's ability to ingest, master and act on information about vastly different problem areas (moral psychology, neuroscience, machine learning, search, ...) on a compressed timescale is stunning. Adding his coding skills to the mix makes him the perfect collaborator for dealing with the toughest scientific and technological problems.

He continually exceeded my expectations for learning new technologies, quickly delivering projects on existing codebases, and building new tools. He was consistently communicative and able to self-start and self-organize, proactively soliciting and managing additional requirements and feedback. (...) Adrian is incredibly sharp and a real pleasure to work with!

Jonathan Katzman
CTO, Minerva Project

Adrian was an incredible contributor to our team. He went (...) to full-fledged member of the dev team during his summer work with us. He was (...) incredibly thorough and diligent in his work. On top of that he's a joy to work with!

Tobias Janiesh
CPO, Legal One

Having worked with Adrian in 2016 all I can say is wow. His work ethic is tireless, his combination of technical & product acumen is in a class by itself, and he's a great guy. I recommend him highly and would hire him again in a heartbeat

Recent Press

Global Immersion Buenos Aires

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Global Immersion Buenos Aires

A short documentary of my work with the Ministry of Education in the Argentina. In a team of four students we designed and proposed a new platform to improve the teacher situation and quality of education across rural Argentina.

Minerva & Naver

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Minerva Students Collaborate with Naver

A case study about my involvement in the #gottago project at Naver. The article details how we generated and refined the app concept and later developed and presented the prototype to Naver executives.

An Academic Globetrotter

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Der Teckbote: An Academic Globetrotter

A newspaper feature about my experience at Minerva Schools at KGI in San Francisco and other recent projects I've been involved with.

ReliXChange Documentary

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ReliXChange Documentary

A documentary video about my involvement with ReliXChange, a project bringing together young Germans and Egyptians to discuss how to bring different religions and North Africa and Western Europe closer together.

Future of Higher Ed: Radio Interview

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Future of Higher Ed: Radio Interview

A conversation with rbb24 about the future of education and the opportunities an online classroom offers.